Thursday, April 25, 2013

A whole lotta carving going on!

Back in my college days, I was a sculpture major for a few years, before settling into furniture making. I carved marble, did some bronze casting, made jewelry using the lost wax method, and spend a great deal of time with a mallet and a chisel - carving wood. 

These days, carving is more of a hobby than a job for me. I'll pick up a chisel and a block of wood in my spare time, it's a great way to relax! The book - Carve Your Own Totem Pole got me sufficiently excited about carving again, and here's what I've been producing. 

About a year ago, I finished this bed that I called - "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" which features a line of schnauzers carved into the headboard. The piece below was my practice piece, using only two dogs - nose to nose. 

Here's the larger carving - roughed out with a router, 

and then refined with chisels.

A few years ago - I completed this bed with its headboard kanji carving. I printed out the pattern and then affixed it to the wood. That's a easy way to carve things accurately. 

Peel off the paper 

and add a little milk paint into the carved areas.

FInally, I was at Red Rock Canyon the other day and found a cool shirt - I loved the artwork on the front of it. 

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