Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another Fabulous Thunderbirds Helmet Case

Since Nellis Air Force Base is located in my town, I'm often approached about making display cases for military memorabilia. Some of the more interesting projects involve  helmet cases for the Thunderbird Pilots' helmets - they have amazing artwork airbrushed onto the helmet, like the one below. 

The case below was made for a retiring officer, and it included an angled area below, where he could store his military coins. The lid of this case hinged open, for access to the helmet and coin display. 

My latest case was for another Thunderbird helmet, who is also the son of one of my students. She ordered it for him, with some custom features added in to the design.

The drawer underneath holds an extra head rest, and military coins.

 I used a few extra tool parts that I had for some custom drawer and door pulls - adding a nice little touch to the feel of the cabinet. 

These are terrific little pieces to build - full of details and touches that really let me explore woodworking to its fullest. 

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