Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A whole lotta building going on...

This has been a CRAZY busy few months in the woodshop - with a few dozen new students who have begun taking classes with me. So - if this "Current Work" page seems a little ignored, please forgive my absence!

Here are just a few of the amazing things people have been building. And - remember - 90% of these people came to the school having never touched tools in their lifetime! 

Boxes are one of the projects that everyone builds - let's face it - everyone can use a box in their home! Whether you place it on your dresser, holding your wallet and keys, or on the coffee table, to hold the sixteen remotes you have!

Not to get corny, but boxes teach a set of skills that become invaluable down the line in your woodworking journey. Like what?  Delicate skills like inlaying, cutting accurate miters, developing chisel skills, and becoming comfortable with the tablesaw are just a few of things that one develops while building a box. Still think it's a simple project?

Interested in a class? 

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